Vertical Farms With Integrated Solar Photovoltaics

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Latitude angle (φ): degrees (+ for North, - for South)

Monthly Average Daily Solar Irradiation

Jan: MJ/hr/m2
Feb: MJ/hr/m2
Mar: MJ/hr/m2
Apr: MJ/hr/m2
May: MJ/hr/m2
Jun: MJ/hr/m2
Jul: MJ/hr/m2
Aug: MJ/hr/m2
Sep: MJ/hr/m2
Oct: MJ/hr/m2
Nov: MJ/hr/m2
Dec: MJ/hr/m2


Coverage area under the luminaire (AL): m2
Wattage of a single luminaire (W): Watts
Daily operating time for the luminaires (T): hr/day


Dimension of wall #1 (L1): m
Dimension of wall #2 (L2): m
Fraction of the floor occupied by the growing trays (R): %
Height of walls (H): m
Layout orientation angle (γr): degrees (counter-clockwise)


Tilt angle (β): degrees
Minimum row spacing (Lmin): m

Photovoltaic System

Efficiency (ηPV): %

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